Transwomen and Bra Fitting

Transwomen often feel left out of the bra fitting community.  None of the guides seem to address trans-specific problems. Happily, the fitting method I use DOES work for transwomen!  It’s the same as for everyone else:

Chest measurement = band size

Bust measurement – Chest measurement = cup size

Naturally, I’ve got a few caveats (trust me, I have a few caveats for every cross-section of women).  The first is that while I generally recommend rounding down to find your band size, for transwomen, I generally recommend rounding up.  So if you measure 37″ across your chest, I suggest starting with a band size of 38 and going from there.  The second caveat is that this method sometimes over-estimates your cup size a little, usually only one or two sizes.  So if this method gives you a cup size of C, you should try on some Cs, Bs, and maybe a few As.


Ashley, who is a transwoman, has the following measurements:

  • Chest measurement = 39″
  • Bust measurement = 43″

Her band size (chest rounded up) would be 40.  Her cup size (43″ – 39″ = 4″) would be somewhere in the B-D range.

Transwomen often have a specific shape, too.  Many transwomen find themselves with shallow breasts that have a wide root.  My bra recommendations would be the following:

  • Natori Feathers
  • Betsey Johnson Eyelet Lace
  • Lepel Fiore (plunge or balconette)
  • b.tempt’d Ciao Bella

If you’ve got shallow, wide breasts, be careful to only wear bras that match that shape!  A bra that’s got cups that are too skinny and/or too deep can be quite unflattering.  It may make you feel tiny, and you’ll keep going down cup sizes to try to keep the cups from gapping (which exacerbates the problem of having cups that are too narrow).  Very few of the bras that Victoria’s Secret and Aerie offer have wide cups, so be wary of trying on their bras.

Everyone deserves a bra that fits well!