Tea Review: Scorpio, by Adagio


From the Zodiac line by Adagio


The tin for the Scorpio tea gives off a different vibe than the rest of the Zodiac teas. Here we have a woman with a purple scorpion’s tail instead of hair. It’s a bit odd. The colors are red and black.


The color palette definitely gives off the impression of scorpions, for some reason. We’ve got black tea and rooibos mixed in equal proportions. There’s some red safflower petals there, with a few chocolate chips and mango pieces. Judging by the last few teas, I was expecting a splash of purple to be in the leaves (to mirror the purple on the tin).

I found it hard to pinpoint a particular smell here. I could identify chocolate and…something else. It wasn’t overpowering though. Just subtle.


Scorpio tin and leaves


This tea was steeped at 190F for 4 minutes, and it looked like this:


Scorpio tea

A few other aromas started to creep in after steeping. I could notice the vanilla, and just a hint of fruitiness from the few mango pieces.

I’ve found that as I get more and more familiar with the various types of teas, the less I like black tea. There’s just a…sharpness, a bitterness to plain black tea. There’s some of that going on here, but it’s tempered by the rooibos. It all works together, though. A little bite, a little smooth, and a little rich.


A mild black tea featuring chocolate and vanilla with a hint of mango. It’s smoothed out a bit by some rooibos. 4/5

Adagio’s Description

An intense blend of black tea, rooibos and vanilla will sustain Scorpio’s investigations and secret affairs. Scorpios will not rest until they have penetrated into the heart of every matter, and they need a strong drink to fuel their determination. Chocolate chips and mango pieces add a rich flavor that Scorpios can savor in private.

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