Tea Review: Libra, by Adagio


from the Zodiac line by Adagio


On Libra’s tin we’ve got a young gal with bright pink pigtails who is holding a scale and biting her lip. It kind of makes me uncomfortable, but I’m not sure why. She’s standing on a light pink background.


I’ll be honest, I was really disappointed when I opened the tin. I was expecting a luscious mixture of black tea, rose petals, and chocolate. Instead, I got a tin of black tea, a bunch of desiccated rose petals, and a single chocolate chip. It smells really good though, about 90% chocolate and 10% strawberry.


Libra tin and leaves


I steeped the tea for 5 min at 190F, and here’s the result:


Libra tea

It’s a nice brown color, about what one would expect with a good black tea. The chocolate/strawberry smell is even more powerful here, and it really does smell amazing. You get a bit of the feel of the cream going on, too.

The flavor was okay. It was a little bitter, but just the regular bite of black tea. The chocolate is there, but not super present. There’s not really any hint of the rose petals that were in the tin.

If you’re the kind of person who chooses their tea by smell, I highly recommend this tea. Likewise, if you’re a big fan of flavored black teas, this will be great for you, too. But I was a bit disappointed by Adagio on this one.


I think my tea was quite old, as the rose petals were pretty pathetic and the flavor was okay. I’m guessing a fresh blend of this would be a bit peppier. Until then, 3/5

Adagio’s Description

A balanced blend of black tea and sweet strawberries, chocolate and creme will appeal to Libra’s sense of harmonious beauty. Libras have mastered the art of diplomacy, and enjoy bringing people together over a cup of tea. Rose petals and cocoa nibs are stylish details in a blend that will complete Libra’s sophisticated tea collection.

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