Tea Review: Aquarius, by Adagio


From the Zodiac line by Adagio


The artwork for the Aquarius tea features a woman with an undercut and long wavy blue hair, very reminiscent of a waterfall. The background is a lovely mix of blues, teals, and a bit of purple.


The leaves are rather boring looking: it looks just like a plain black tea with some cornflowers thrown in. But the smell is divine. It’s wonderfully hazelnut with just a little something extra thrown in – vanilla and chocolate. It’s not complicated, but it’s not completely one-note, either.

Black tea inside of the Aquarius tin

Aquarius tin and leaves


I steeped this at 180F for 3 minutes, and here’s what it looked like:

Fully steeped Aquarius tea in mug

Aquarius tea

Nothing fancy, pretty much exactly the color you’d expect from a black tea.

The smell of the tea itself is pretty similar to the leaves, albeit a bit more dilute. The flavor completely fails to deliver, though. I don’t get anything other than plain black tea in the flavor. How disappointing. I guess if you’re a fan of Adagio’s base Ceylon you’d enjoy this, but don’t expect anything more than the plain Ceylon flavor to be present.


Lovely hazelnut smell paired with a boring Ceylon flavor. 3/5

Adagio’s Description

Black tea infused with hazelnut and vanilla flavors will fuel Aquarius’ inventive thinking and lively conversations. Aquarians are visionaries and offbeat intellectuals who love to exchange ideas with friends, preferably over a strong cup of tea. This aromatic blend stimulates the senses, while bits of cocoa nibs and blue cornflowers satisfy Aquarius’ thirst for the unusual.

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