Swimsuits in Bra Sizes

It occurs to me that in my book, I have failed to mention swimsuits.  A lot of us are used to S/M/L sizing for swimsuits, but in reality it’s not difficult to find a swimsuit top that’s in your bra size.  I had no idea how much better I’d look with a bikini top in my real size.

Overall, I think my favorite swimsuit brand is Freya Swim.  They have a wide range of sizes and styles, and you can find plenty that don’t look exactly like a bra (though you can find several that do).

Freya swimsuit bikini top that comes in a wide range of sizes

Freya Swim Byzantine Neo Sweetheart Padded Bikini Top

Of course, there is my old standard of sister sizing up and then shortening the band.  You get a lot more choices from American brands that way.  They’re often easier to find at cheaper prices.

A warning to those of you who want to buy a bra-sized swimsuit – the band is usually not adjustable!  You usually get exactly one size, so make sure you choose right.  Unfortunately, I erred on the too small side on my last bikini top, and it’s a bit uncomfortable.  But hey, at least I look great in it!