House Hunting

As we’d been ramping up to go look at houses, I kept reading about how emotional of a process it was. Every time, though, I shrugged it off. I’m not a particularly emotional person, and looking for houses seemed really cut and dry. We’d been to plenty of open houses, and it had been a pretty meh experience. I saw things I’d liked in each house, and saw plenty of things I knew I didn’t like.

Once we finally got in the swing of things, getting appointments to see individual houses, I was finally hooked. Our agent picked up really quickly what kinds of things we liked. There’s truly some wonderful, unique houses in St. Louis, and I was excited to see all of them.  Hey, house hunting is kind of fun!

Last night, though, the second houses we’d been interested in went under contract.  We’d even put a bid down.  But the owners had received three bids in the space of 24 hours, and ours just simply wasn’t the highest.

I still can’t believe how much that sucked.  I’m trying to process it, but I keep getting emotional about it.  And that’s really okay, I suppose.  That a lot of house – a lot of money – to be taken away so abruptly.  People keep telling me that we’ll find that perfect house.  People keep talking about how they were glad The House was taken away from them, because they found something even better.  I hope our situation will be similar, because the idea of finding a house that’s even better than the last one seems fantastic and impossible.

Maybe one of the two contracts will fall through.  Maybe I should put more faith in our agent.  And I should probably just be patient.

And if any of you know of a house for sale in St. Louis City that has a proper garage, let me know.