Finding a Bra That Fits

Front cover of How to Find a Bra That Fits, by Liz Kuba

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In 2011, I got tired of being mad of my bra.  The straps always fell down, and it was generally the most annoying part of my wardrobe.  I got online and did some rudimentary searching, and found out that bras came in a 30 band, not just the 32 or 34 I’d been wearing.  The cups of the 34A and 32B bras seemed to fit fine, so how could I find what size I’d wear in a 30 band?  After more searching, I learned about sister sizes: going up one cup size and going down one band size results in the same cup volume.  For example, 34A and 32B (up one cup, down one band) have the same cup volume, so that’s why they both seemed to fit okay in the cups.  Logically, the next step down would be 30C.

The problem was that I knew I wouldn’t be able to find a 30 band bra within two hours of home.  So I did the stupidest possible thing: I got online and bought two 30C bras from a UK-based website.  One of them was horrible, enough to make me question my entire chain of logic.  The other, though…the other was like bra heaven.  The band was firm and secure, the cups actually made my diminutive breasts look attractive, and the straps never fell down.  What a concept!

Over the next three years, I devoured any information I could find about bra fitting.  I joined forums and websites, scoured blogs, and poured over online stores.  I learned that bras even came in 28 bands (which was a fortunate thing to know, as I lost weight in 2013, making the 30 band bras I’d been wearing too loose).  Along the way, I helped friends and family move into better bras.

In 2014, it finally dawned on me that there really weren’t any books about bra fitting, not the proper way to fit bras.  I was (and still am) very dedicated to helping women find bras that fit, and I knew that writing a short book would reach the most people in the most efficient way possible.  You shouldn’t have to rely on someone else to be comfortable in your own clothes.

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