Craft Fair: May Music and Market Festival in Waterloo, IL

Last weekend was my first ever craft show. It was at a new local bar called the Tick Tock Tavern. It’s a quirky little bar in South City filled with clocks all stopped at 4:20 and vintage owl memorabilia. An interesting place, to be sure, but not exactly my jam. I think I’m just from the wrong generation to really “get” it.

I was so nervous, I showed up half an hour before any of the other vendors did. On the bright side, that means that I got one of the better spots!

I think it went fairly well. It was a very small market, there were only six vendors. And the bar itself can only comfortably seat 20 or 30 people, if that. I didn’t sell much, but I was very glad to have the practice under my belt for the much larger upcoming festival.

A picture of the Pillows to the People booth at the Tick Tock Tavern Spring Market

The Spring Market at the Tick Tock Tavern

The “larger upcoming festival” is the May Music and Market Festival in Waterloo, IL. It’s, like, legit and stuff. It’s tomorrow (Saturday, May 9) from 9am to 4pm at the Courthouse in downtown Waterloo. It’s only their second annual Festival, so I’m guessing it will still be a little rough around the edges (not that I have anything to compare it to). I hope it doesn’t rain this weekend! Come on by and say hi to me, and buy some pillows! They’re the best!

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