Craft Fair: Hullabaluau

Once I’m done with the Dutchtown Bazaar, I get to turn right around and do another craft fair on Sunday! This one is the Hullabaluau, and it will be at Sandrina’s from noon to 9pm. A good friend of mine is putting this one on, and the reason for the fair is a reflection of her generous nature:

It’s a luau…it’s a pig roast…it’s a craft fair…it’s a pet adoption event…it’s a carnival in the street! Primarily, though, it’s a fundraiser for some phenomenal local non-profit organizations: Friends of Kids with Cancer and two local pet rescue organizations – Tenth Life and Even Chance.

I personally make a monthly donation to Tenth Life, so I want to make sure that you all know that Tenth Life is pretty much the best nonprofit ever. Come check out Pillows to the People on Sunday!

Hullabaluau Facebook event page


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