Craft Fair: Dutchtown Bazaar

The last craft fair I was at was at the Waterloo Market and Music Festival…and it just poured all day. Such a disappointment. Most people (neither the attendees nor the vendors) weren’t prepared for that kind of rain, and they all packed up and left within an hour or two of the fair starting. I was going to hold out, but the more vendors that left, the fewer customers they were. I was one of the last to pack up shop. I feel so bad for the person who organized it all. It seemed to be overall very well organized, and the music was really good (they were in a gazebo, so they were out of the rain). If they go for a third year next year, I’ll definitely check it out again.

I have booked myself full this weekend! Saturday is the Dutchtown Bazaar, at the Feasting Fox. It’s the second annual event, and it’s run by people I actually know in real life. And everyone that I know that’s a part of it are all so kind. I’m still intimidated, but I know that they’ll all be helpful if I need them.

Oh! And I have an indoor booth this time. Hooray! So come check out Pillows to the People at the Feasting Fox on Saturday from 9 to 2. Do you need a bribe? With every $5 purchase, shoppers will receive a raffle ticket for a $100 prize! You could make $95 simply by spending $5!
Vendors will have a limited number of tickets to give out, so shop early and shop often.

Dutchtown Bazaar facebook page

2nd Annual Dutchtown Bazaar event page

The next day I’ll be at Sandrina’s for the Hullabaluau. Come see me there, too!

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