Blog Feature: The Review Board

It’s been a while since How to Find a Bra That Fits was featured anywhere, so the email announcing this review was a sight for sore eyes. Today’s website is The Review Board. It’s a blog of sorts, run by a group of people who are all interested in different genres of books. When a […]


Tea Review: Pisces, by Adagio

Pisces From the Zodiac line by Adagio Packaging The tin for Pisces features a woman with white … fish-hair, I guess. Not sure what else to call it. It looks like dolphins are diving into either side of her head. She’s holding a big blue tuna-looking fish, and she’s got the Pisces sign tattooed above […]

Tea Review: Aquarius, by Adagio

Aquarius From the Zodiac line by Adagio Packaging The artwork for the Aquarius tea features a woman with an undercut and long wavy blue hair, very reminiscent of a waterfall. The background is a lovely mix of blues, teals, and a bit of purple. Leaves The leaves are rather boring looking: it looks just like […]



Tea Review: Capricorn, by Adagio

Capricorn From the Zodiac line by Adagio Packaging The imagery for Capricorn is weird. Goat-fish? Who comes up with this stuff? So the artwork for the Capricorn tea is surprisingly graceful, given what the artist has to go off of. We have an androgynous person with white hair (hood?) and goat horns, and they’re holding […]

Tea Review: Sagittarius, by Adagio

Sagittarius From the Zodiac line by Adagio Packaging Purple is my favorite color, and the Sagittarius tin is the exact shade that I love. It’s a saturated purple with just a hint of blue. There’s a lady holding two arrows, which are stuck in her very bizarre purple hair. As you can see from the picture, […]



Tea Review: Scorpio, by Adagio

Scorpio From the Zodiac line by Adagio Packaging The tin for the Scorpio tea gives off a different vibe than the rest of the Zodiac teas. Here we have a woman with a purple scorpion’s tail instead of hair. It’s a bit odd. The colors are red and black. Leaves The color palette definitely gives […]

EterniTeas: Come visit my new blog!

Quick announcement: I’ve created a blog dedicated to reviewing decaf and non-caffeinated teas. It’s called EterniTeas and you can find it here. I have passion for non-caffeinated teas: for a good two years I was unable to have caffeine. During this time I learned a lot about decaf and non-caffeinated teas, and about rooibos teas in […]

Image from wikimedia.


Tea Review: Libra, by Adagio

Libra from the Zodiac line by Adagio Packaging On Libra’s tin we’ve got a young gal with bright pink pigtails who is holding a scale and biting her lip. It kind of makes me uncomfortable, but I’m not sure why. She’s standing on a light pink background. Leaves I’ll be honest, I was really disappointed when […]

Tea Review: Virgo, by Adagio

Virgo The Zodiac line from Adagio Packaging The tin for Adagio’s Virgo tea is a bright red, just on this side of pink. It features a woman with crazy hair on a pinky-peachy background with flowers. Not my favorite of the tins, but not bad. Leaves The base tea here is a white tea mixed […]



Tea Review: Cancer, by Adagio

Cancer from the Zodiac line by Adagio Packaging I feel like so many of these tins from Adagio’s Zodiac teas are pink, red, orange, or somewhere in between, so Cancer’s tin is a nice reprieve. It features a woman with a green ammonite shell instead of hair, and she’s holding a lobster. The background is […]