Craft Fair: Hullabaluau

Once I’m done with the Dutchtown Bazaar, I get to turn right around and do another craft fair on Sunday! This one is the Hullabaluau, and it will be at Sandrina’s from noon to 9pm. A good friend of mine is putting this one on, and the reason for the fair is a reflection of […]


Craft Fair: Dutchtown Bazaar

The last craft fair I was at was at the Waterloo Market and Music Festival…and it just poured all day. Such a disappointment. Most people (neither the attendees nor the vendors) weren’t prepared for that kind of rain, and they all packed up and left within an hour or two of the fair starting. I […]

Craft Fair: May Music and Market Festival in Waterloo, IL

Last weekend was my first ever craft show. It was at a new local bar called the Tick Tock Tavern. It’s a quirky little bar in South City filled with clocks all stopped at 4:20 and vintage owl memorabilia. An interesting place, to be sure, but not exactly my jam. I think I’m just from […]


Image from wikimedia.

EterniTeas: Come visit my new blog!

Quick announcement: I’ve created a blog dedicated to reviewing decaf and non-caffeinated teas. It’s called EterniTeas and you can find it here. I have passion for non-caffeinated teas: for a good two years I was unable to have caffeine. During this time I learned a lot about decaf and non-caffeinated teas, and about rooibos teas in […]


A hobby I started in August 2013 was submitting images to Shutterstock.  After a friend kept showing me ridiculous things she found on Shutterstock, I started browsing on my own, and quickly came to the “Well I could do that!” conclusion.  The hiccup was that my camera is not nearly good enough for stock photography. […]

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