The History of Bra Sizing in America

I already reviewed Uplift in a previous post, but I’m not quite done talking about it. As I mentioned, the book is disjointed and hard to follow, but I was able to piece together the history of bra sizing and fitting. There’s just not a whole lot out there about bra fitting pre-internet, let alone […]

Uplift: The Bra in America

Book Review: Uplift: The Bra in America

Uplift: The Bra in America Jane Farrell-Beck and Colleen Gau Synopsis Over the years the bra has been stereotyped as an object of seduction, glamour, and even oppression. In Uplift: A History of the Bra in America Jane Farrell-Beck and Colleen Gau use this item of clothing to gauge the social history of women and […]

Blog Feature: Venusian*Glow

I’m so honored: today Eternal*Voyageur featured How to Find a Bra That Fits in her blog, Venusian*Glow! Venusian*Glow holds a special place in my heart, as it was the preliminary post on Shallow Breasts that really helped me figure out my breast shape and find bras that fit me. It was seriously that exact post that got […]

Blog Feature: The Bohemian Housewife

How to Find a Bra That Fits has been featured on another blog, this time it’s The Bohemian Housewife! When I originally contacted Alisha, I was pleased to learn that she and I learned our bra fitting methods from the same place, /r/ABraThatFits. You can find her review of my book here. I’m so happy […]

Blog Feature: questfortheperfectbra

Yesterday I got my first blog feature/review! I’m so excited. The reviewer had such nice things to say (and some valid criticisms, which I’ll discuss in a moment). Major thanks to Q of questfortheperfectbra for a wonderful summary! Some excerpts: The book tackles such subjects as: the American bra industry, bra anatomy, size naming conventions, sister-sizes, […]

Book news!

Big news, and lots of it!   The print copy is available for purchase! The print copy of How to Find a Bra That Fits is now available from Createspace and Amazon! The website is up! Major thanks to Caitlin Waters for putting it together for me! The eBook can be downloaded from multiple locations! […]

Swimsuits in Bra Sizes

It occurs to me that in my book, I have failed to mention swimsuits.  A lot of us are used to S/M/L sizing for swimsuits, but in reality it’s not difficult to find a swimsuit top that’s in your bra size.  I had no idea how much better I’d look with a bikini top in […]

Freya Swim Gold Rush

Book Cover

The book is in my hands!

Opening a nondescript package in the mail to find the proof of your very first book in your hands is an incredibly surreal moment. Like… Whoa, this is mine. It looks legit, too. It looks like a real book. How silly is that, as if it’d look like…something that’s not a book. It was one […]

Types of Bras

This post is partially an excerpt from my book, How to Find a Bra That Fits, which can be purchased here.   One really annoying facet of the bra industry is that every company has a different definition of the bra shapes. And it’s not just the American companies that are guilty of this; it seems […]

Half Cup Bra

Sketch of a woman wearing a bra

Transwomen and Bra Fitting

Transwomen often feel left out of the bra fitting community.  None of the guides seem to address trans-specific problems. Happily, the fitting method I use DOES work for transwomen!  It’s the same as for everyone else: Chest measurement = band size Bust measurement – Chest measurement = cup size Naturally, I’ve got a few caveats […]