The book is in my hands!

Opening a nondescript package in the mail to find the proof of your very first book in your hands is an incredibly surreal moment. Like… Whoa, this is mine. It looks legit, too. It looks like a real book. How silly is that, as if it’d look like…something that’s not a book. It was one thing to release an electronic copy out to the world, but this is somehow more real, more official. Like I should be taken more seriously now.

I am so happy. I can’t get over how cool this feels. I’ve finally done something that not many have done, something that I’m incredibly proud of.

In other news, we’re under contract for a house! The house is pretty sweet. It’s in an up and coming part of the city, which has two distinct advantages. The first is that we got a fantastic house for a great deal; our realtor guessed that if we could pick up the house and move it to the next neighborhood over (one that’s been established already), it would have sold for about $70k more. The other advantage is that we have a really cool area, one that’s just going to get cooler and more interesting over the next few years.

I think I’ll always have a twinge of sadness when I think about the house we got outbid on. It was pretty cool. But this one is awesome too, just in a different kind of way. It’s more of a blank slate, which has its advantages. Here’s a pic of the house, Staged for selling:


Home, living room view

Cant wait to make it our own!