Blog Feature: The Review Board

It’s been a while since How to Find a Bra That Fits was featured anywhere, so the email announcing this review was a sight for sore eyes. Today’s website is The Review Board. It’s a blog of sorts, run by a group of people who are all interested in different genres of books. When a request for review is submitted, the board decides who would be the best fit to review the book. I think that’s a fantastic idea. It allows a single website to have a wide range of reviews, yet keeps any one person from becoming too overwhelmed.

Mini Truth was the one who took up my book. It was nice to really get a perspective from someone that isn’t familiar with the way that I help people find bras that fit. And her name didn’t disappoint; I felt like I got a very honest review. She definitely gave me some food for thought.

To tell the truth, I’ve been ruminating over the idea of having a sort of Second Edition of How to Find a Bra That Fits. I’m starting to get the same feedback over and over, which is very helpful. If I did this sort of thing, I already know some of what I’d do:

  • New cover (one done by someone other than myself)
  • Talk about sports bras and swimwear
  • Swap pronouns occasionally, or maybe include a blurb about how this method works for male-identifying people
  • Get a proper editor

Lots to think about here. Anyway, thank you, Mini Truth, for your review! It’s truly appreciated. And I definitely recommend The Review Board if you’re looking for someone to read and review. Great group of people, very courteous.

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