Blog Feature: The Bohemian Housewife

How to Find a Bra That Fits has been featured on another blog, this time it’s The Bohemian Housewife! When I originally contacted Alisha, I was pleased to learn that she and I learned our bra fitting methods from the same place, /r/ABraThatFits. You can find her review of my book here. I’m so happy to see her give it a 5/5 rating!

Throughout this process, I’ve been poking around the blogs of the people I’ve been contacting, and I love seeing what people are interested besides the main blog focus. In Alisha’s case, it’s pulmonary embolisms and recovery, menstrual cups (I’m unable to use them, but I highly recommend them as well!), and tea. It all gives me a wonderful (if not completely real) connection, like following a celebrity on Facebook and seeing them talk about the same things you’re interested in.

And that’s something she talks about in her most recent blog post, 10 Tips for Beginner Bloggers. It was very timely for me, as I am most definitely a Beginner Blogger. I really understand now that having proper, thorough posts is important to the reader. Though I’m a little biased towards someone who’s telling me to talk more about my cats. That’s a post for a rainy day, I suppose.

All in all, I am so grateful for Alisha to read and review my book. Stop by her blog and check it out! Plus, she’s got some sweet blue hair.

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