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Yesterday I got my first blog feature/review! I’m so excited. The reviewer had such nice things to say (and some valid criticisms, which I’ll discuss in a moment). Major thanks to Q of questfortheperfectbra for a wonderful summary! Some excerpts:

The book tackles such subjects as: the American bra industry, bra anatomy, size naming conventions, sister-sizes, signs of ill-fit, how to measure for a bra, trying on bras, bra care, and bra myths. If someone had given me a copy of this back in middle school, it would have saved me years of pain, frustration, and embarrassment. The text is approachable, amusing, engaging, and, most importantly, simple enough not to completely overwhelm the reader.

Overall, I think this is a really helpful book for those just starting to learn about bra and bra-fitting.

I had a pretty good laugh at:

“How to Find a Bra That Fits” is definitely written for someone with little to no knowledge of how bras should fits… so pretty much everyone who hasn’t devoted weird amounts of time to untangling this complicated subject.

I can empathize with that! Every time I see /r/abrathatfits’s all-in-one guide, I just shake my head. It’s all so ridiculous, but all so necessary! But, as Q correctly deduced, my intended audience isn’t the audience that wouldn’t be intimidated by this FAQ.

For the entire review, head on over to the post at questfortheperfectbra.

One of the criticisms Q mentions in their post is that I exclusively use she/her to describe all the people that are wearing bras. When writing the book, I made the assumption (and I should know better than this) that only female-identifying people would be wearing bras. Nothing could be farther from the truth! First, there’s plenty of men that for one reason or another would be wearing bras – someone with gynecomastia, for example, or a guy who just enjoys wearing bras. Second, there’s plenty of people, such as Q, who don’t identify as male or female that would be wearing bras. There’s people who are agender, genderqueer, bigender…see this wonderful rundown of explanations of all the 51 different genders that one can choose when making one’s Facebook profile.

I’m still learning the nuances of the Queer community and nomenclature, so thank you for the gentle nudge in the right direction, Q.

Quick reminder that How to Find a Bra That Fits is currently free to download from Smashwords for the month of April! Now’s your chance to change your life!


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