How to Find a Bra That Fits

How to Find a Bra That Fits, by Liz Kuba

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“80% of women are wearing the wrong bra size.” Yeah, you’ve heard that one before.

But if Oprah proclaimed it back in 2005, why is the statement still true?  Sadly, most fitters that tell you this proceed to measure you incorrectly, putting you back into a bra that’s the wrong size.

Here’s your solution: an impartial guide for teaching you to find a bra for yourself.  Learn everything from the two basic measurements all the way to how to match a bra to your breast shape.  Don’t underestimate the effect of a well fitting bra!

Small or large, petite or plus size, curvy or skinny, cis or trans, this book will help you get your perfect bra.

How to Find a Bra That Fits

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